Westlake Royal Roofing Components

Roof System Components

How a roof is installed is just as important as what it is made of. Westlake Royal™ Roofing Components offers a full line of integrated roof components designed to deliver a higher standard of roof installation and performance.

  • Underlayments provide a secondary level of protection
  • High performance battens for positive tile anchoring
  • High integrity flashing for optimal performance

Underlayment Products

While tile is ultimately the first line of defense against the elements on a roof installation, underlayments play a critical role by providing a secondary level of waterproofing protection directly on top of the wood roof deck. As a crucial barrier that contributes to the performance and longevity of the entire roof system, it is important to choose the right underlayment for your roof and your particular climate.

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Batten Products

Battens are commonly used throughout much of the world to hang and fasten clay and concrete tiles to the roof deck. Westlake Royal™ Roofing Components offers high-performance battens and batten extenders to provide positive anchoring for each tile, while enhancing water flow off the roof for a longer lasting and better performing roof system. Westlake Royal™ Roofing Components' Elevated Batten System® are also energy efficient products providing ventilation to keep the roof cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

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Flashing Products

To ensure the long-term integrity of a roof system, it is critical to prevent water, snow and debris from entering the system. Critical areas, such as intersections of different sloped roof decks at hips & valleys as well as junctions or penetrations such as walls, chimneys, skylights, vents and plumbing pipes, must be properly flashed to keep the system water tight. While many different materials are available, Westlake Royal™ Roofing Components has designed and developed several types of high-integrity flashing options to choose from for optimal performance and protection.

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Hip and Ridge Products

The hips and ridges are critical intersections of all roofs that require careful weather blocking, but can also be used for ventilating a breathable roof system to last longer and perform better.

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Eave Products

Proper eave treatment creates a finished look for the roof. Westlake Royal™ Roofing Components' Eave Risers elevate the tiles at the eave to the proper height while also blocking the openings at the eave to prevent infestation of birds and vermin. In addition, Westlake Royal™ Roofing Components offers Vented Eave Risers as part of Westlake Royal™ Roofing Solutions' Energy Efficient Roof System that allows natural intake of cool, fresh air to keep the roof system cool in summer and dry in wet winters.

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Rake and Gable End Products

While most tile roofs use rake tiles to finish the rake and gable ends, Westlake Royal™ Roofing Components also offers an alternative look for traditional slate and shake style tile roofs. They also protect against weather, vermin and debris accumulation while integrating seamlessly with the overall appearance of the installation.

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Valley Products

Shedding water off the roof is absolutely crucial at valleys, where two roof slopes are directing all the water they collect to the same point. A poorly designed valley can quickly lead to significant damage. Westlake Royal™ Roofing Components developed the Ribbed Valley Metal and provides nothing less to insure a free-flowing valley that will protect the structural integrity of the roof valley. W-valley metals, designed for wood shakes and asphalt shingles do not prevent clogs and direct water into the roof system, which can damage the underlayment and cause the roof deck and underlying structure to rot.

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Mounts and Fastener Products

Westlake Royal™ Roofing Components offers many unique and innovative mounts and fasteners for use with our branded products.

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Westlake Royal Tile Mortar™

Westlake Royal™ Roofing Components has created a one-step mortar solution for clay and concrete roof tile that will provide protection from the elements during any season.

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Westlake Royal™ EnviroPro™ Component

EnviroPro™ is an innovative industry solution for cut piece applications with concrete tile roofing. Made in the USA, the component offers peace-of-mind to builders and roofers by meeting current OSHA* requirements in addition to offering the trusted performance and beauty that comes with Westlake Royal™ Roofing Components.

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