Thinking of Replacing Your Roof? Here’s What You Need to Know

By November 7, 2022Blog

How do you Know When you Need a New Roof?

Roofs, like us, have an expected lifespan. Some are much shorter, others much longer. Knowing how long your roof is expected to last, as well as the length of your warranty coverage, are good places to start when determining if you need a replacement. There are other considerations as well when deciding if a roof replacement is ideal. For example, has your roof been harmed in a storm, earthquake or fire? Is your roof consistently leaking? Has damage been sustained to it by improper maintenance procedures over time? Have you tried to fix it to no avail? Are your monthly energy bills too high?

In many cases, replacing your roof will be the best option when simple repairs won’t cut it. It’s also ideal when you want to achieve long-term energy savings, improve the curb appeal of your home and enhance the overall value of one of your most important lifetime investments.

Maintenance & Repair vs. Replacement

All roofs must be properly maintained following the manufacturer’s guidance. Debris removal and gutter cleaning are common maintenance activities. Sometimes minor repairs also need to be completed, as is the case with concrete or clay tile roofs when a small portion of the tile roof is damaged and can easily be replaced. However, if maintenance hasn’t been completed regularly, if repairs are too extensive or too costly, or if a fix is needed around the same time that the roof’s expected lifespan is expiring, it makes sense to consider a replacement instead.

When You’re Still Unsure

Few of us are experts on roofing. Additionally, the height of a roof makes it hard for homeowners to fully view and assess it. If you’re unsure whether it’s time to replace your roof, the best (and safest) approach is to contact a professional to have it inspected. Don’t ever risk your safety by getting onto the roof yourself. Be sure to ask an expert.

Cost Considerations

Your roof is one of the most important elements of your home and replacing it is an investment in the home’s performance and ultimate value. There are many costs, as well as cost offsets, that should be taken into account. These include:

  • Initial Installation
  • Lifespan of the Roof (i.e. how often it will need to be replaced)
  • Regular Maintenance Costs
  • Monthly Energy Savings Achieved with an Energy-Efficient Roof
  • Available Rebates for High Performance Roofs
  • Insurance Savings for Optimized Roof Systems
  • Potential Higher Resale Value of the Home with a Better Roof


Reviewing the Options

Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions™ is the country’s largest premium provider of complete re-roofing and roofing solutions for homeowners, architects and builders. With availability throughout the U.S., the company specializes in three of the highest performing roof systems, all of which are known for durability, longevity, beauty, energy efficiency and resistance to weather.

Clay – US Tile® is a premium roofing option offering the highest standard of sustainability and craftsmanship. With collections in both standard and lightweight, our clay tile is Class A fire rated, the highest rating available. It is also inspired by nature and made from natural materials comprised of up to 59 percent recycled material. There is a reason people have crowned their homes with clay tile for over 5,000 years. It’s timeless beauty, enduring strength and time-tested performance make a bold statement while protecting your home.

Concrete – Newpoint™ Concrete roof tile is beautiful and enduring, and one of the easiest ways to complement your home’s aesthetic while increasing its value. It is also offered in lightweight options which are ideal for re-roofing. A Class A fire rated solution which also protects from hail, the tile is manufactured using locally sourced, naturally occurring geologic material. It is energy efficient and is offered in numerous colors and profiles, complementing countless architectural home styles.

Stone Coated Steel – Unified Steel™ Stone Coated Roofing is an exceptionally lightweight roofing material that benefits from the structural strength of steel. A fire-resistant material certified to withstand up to 120 mph winds, Unified Steel also offers a hailstone penetration warranty. Unified Steel is offered in five distinct profiles designed to complement many home styles and to mimic traditional shake, shingle and tile roofing. It is a favorite among those looking to replace their roof.

Energy Savings – Good for the Earth, Good for your Finances

As a major component of the home, the roof will either save you energy and money or it will cause you to lose both. Numerous factors play a part in the roof’s overall energy efficiency. These include the roofing material used, roofing components utilized in conjunction with it, solar reflectivity, heat transfer and much more. The good news is that all Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions options offer meaningful energy savings for the life of the roof. And for those looking for the utmost in savings, a Cool Roof system is an ideal choice.

Climate Matters

A home will perform best when the materials it is comprised of are optimized to withstand climate and weather conditions common to its region. The roof is no exception. Within the United States there are four core climate zones – the Moderate Zone, Cold and Snow Zone, the High Wind and Rain Zone, and the Hail Zone – each with their own unique weather and storm variables. Roof materials will differ in the specific weather and climate protections they provide. Thus, if your home is located in Phoenix, Arizona, it is possible that the roof that is optimal for you may not be the same as what is best suited for your friends’ homes in Colorado and Wisconsin.

When reviewing roofing options, identify the weather and climate conditions that commonly occur in your zone. Some of these may include severe wind, hail, rain, snow, frost and fire. Make sure to select your roof, in part, based on the weather conditions it protects against.

Qualifying for Rebates

Some public utilities and municipalities offer rebates for energy-efficient and cool roofs. Check the following resources to determine if your new roof qualifies:


Choosing a Contractor

There are many skilled professional roofing contractors available for hire. Like all professions, however, there are some operating without integrity or proper qualifications. Therefore, it’s important to properly vet any contractors you are considering for your roof retrofit to ensure your installation is done safely, and to ensure the highest quality and performance of the roof. Look for and/or request the following from all contractors you are considering for hire:

  • Customer Referrals, Online Reviews and Customer Ratings
  • Proper Licensing and Proof of Insurance
  • Industry Association Memberships and Accreditations
  • Professional Presentation, Estimates, Schedules and Payment Plans
  • Warranty and Guarantees on Work and Roof Products to be Installed
  • Onsite Supervision of Crews and Installation
  • Record of Safety
  • Complaints Filed with the Better Business Bureau, if any

Installation Considerations

A quality roofing contractor will handle a lot of the logistics of your roof replacement. However, it is advised you understand some basics. Three things you should be aware of and look into are required permits, building codes, and the weight of the roof.

Permits – Check local ordinances as some may require permits to be obtained prior to any roofing work.

Inspections – Local building codes will mandate whether or not the home needs to be inspected by a licensed engineer or building inspector prior to a roof installation. This is key to ensuring your home is compliant with local codes and ready for the new roof.

Weight – It is imperative to determine if your home is able to carry the weight of your selected roof. Most homes in the US are constructed in accordance with the Conventional Light-Frame construction section of the building codes and will support a variety of roofing materials.

That said, Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions offers practical guidelines for determining the roof framing needs for all our products. We also assist on finding experienced professionals when needed. If a structural reinforcement is deemed necessary, most bracing procedures are simple and quick.

Explore the Possibilities

As you consider the numerous roofing options for your replacement, take advantage of the various tools and resources that Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions provides. All may be explored from the comfort of your home.

Visualize Your Roof – The Inspiration Home Photo Gallery awaits you online. Featuring durable clay, concrete, stone-coated steel and composite roofs in countless profiles and hue variations, the gallery provides a deep dive into the many architectural home styles that Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions’ roofs complement and enhance. Visit the Inspiration Home Photo Gallery today.

 Order a Sample – While photos online provide a great idea of the look of our roofing options, sometimes you just need to see and touch the materials to fully envision them on your home. Request a sample to be mailed to you through your roofing contractor or through our website. It’s that easy.

 Download Architectural Specs & Drawings – Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions offers a complete set of architectural tools including Arcat 3-Part specs and CAD/BIM drawings. Download what you need easily in our Architect Resources.

 Review Our Warranty – Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions is one of the most trusted brands in roofing and has been in business for over 50 years. We also offer a limited lifetime, fully transferable warranty to put your mind at ease.

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