Unified Steel Screws

Unified Steel™ Screws

All our Screws have been performance tested and are coated with L3 Dura Protec™, a corrosion resistant coating, and the panel screw heads are colored to blend with the panels and trim. The sharp T-17 self-tapping point coupled with the unique H-Low™ threads ensures a fast and easy install every time.

  • Weather Resistant - Designed for any climate
  • High-grade carbon screws with L3 Dura Protec™ are corrosion tested to 1,000 hours (Salt Spray ASTM B117)
  • We also offer Stainless Steel Panel Screws with a black coating on the shaft for easy identification that have been tested to 1,500 hours of Salt Spray – Also comes with L3 Dura Protec™ coating
  • Each screw has a combination of a sharp T-17 self-tapping point along with high and low threads to ensure they drive quickly through the multi layers of steel panels and into the wood decking or battens
  • Every box of panel screws contains a nut driver to ensure the easiest installation – Each nut driver comes with a pre-set magnet
  • By using screws to secure the stone coated steel roof panels and accessories makes it easier for repairs and retrofits with solar and skylights
  • All Unified Steel Screws have a finely detailed 0.25” Hex Washer Head (HWH) that allow them to be driven fast and tight