Mounts and Fastener Products

Westlake Royal™ Roofing Components offers many fastener products for use in protecting your tiles from high winds, and mounts for fastening solar panels.

Unified Steel(tm) Solar Roof Mounts

Unified Steel™ Solar Roof Mounts - NEW

Three unique Solar Roof Mounts that fit seamlessly with four Unified Steel™ panel profiles.

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Zip Clip™ Roof Tile Clips

Westlake Royal™ Roofing Components Zip Clip™ Roof Tile Clips are corrosion-proof clips for roof tile that help secure roof tile in high wind areas, tested up to 134 mph.

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Wind Clips

Westlake Royal™ Roofing Components Wind Clips are designed to provide the maximum wind uplift resistance in an easy to install, corrosion resistant clip for roof tile.

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Unified Steel™ Screws

Unified Steel™ Screws cover all your fastener needs for any stone coated steel roof project.

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Unified Steel Screws

Newpoint™ Concrete Roof Tile - Boosted Barcelona Wire Ties

Westlake Royal™ Roofing Components has developed specially designed wire ties for our Boosted Barcelona tile tops.

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