Premium Ridge Vent and Weather Block

Figaroll® Plus is a roof vent and weather block in one easy to install product. Packaged in rolls to easily roll onto the hip and ridge of the roof and seals to any profiled roof tiles. Each roll provides more attic ventilation than four standard roof vents or two high-efficiency roof vents*. The innovative channel system provides unobstructed ventilation and helps protect against wind driving rain & snow.

Hidden beneath the hip and ridge tiles, Figaroll Plus replaces large, unattractive roof vents and gable vents, improving the curb appeal of your home.

Figaroll® Plus ventilates at the optimal location where heat naturally travels to the highest point. Let it provide dual ventilation of both attic ventilation and above-sheathing ventilation (ASV). Above-sheathing ventilation is venting the space beneath the tiles and above the roof deck to reduce heat before it penetrates into the attic for even greater energy savings. Improved ventilation of the attic and roof space beneath the tiles lets the roof system breathe to stay cool in summer and dry in winter and prolongs the life of the roof.

*Comparison based on standard roof vents with 50 sq. inches net free air ventilation (NFVA) and high-efficiency roof vents with 100 sq. inches NFVA.


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