Hip and Ridge Products

The hips and ridges are critical intersections of all roofs that require careful weather blocking, but can also be used for ventilating a breathable roof system to last longer and perform better.

Westlake Royal™ Roofing Components has the best hip and ridge products available to prevent wind-driven rain, snow and other debris from entering the peaks and corners of a roof. Some of these specialized products also provide ventilation to allow the roof system and attic space to breathe for improved energy efficiency and a longer life span for the entire roof system.

Westlake Royal Tile Mortar™

One-step fiber-reinforced mortar for tile roof weather blocking.

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Figaroll® Plus - Ridge Vent and Weather Block

Figaroll® Plus from Westlake Royal™ Roofing Components offers a cost effective universal ridge vent and weather block that is quick and easy to install for any tile roof.

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Zephyr Roll® - Ridge Vent and Weather Block

Zephyr Roll® from Westlake Roya™ Roofing Components is a cost effective rollable ridge vent with adhesive strips that form a weather block. Available in two sizes to help reduce the amount of field vents on your project.

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Zephyr Block™- Weather Block

Zephyr Block™ from Westlake Royal™ Roofing Components is a flexable, rollable universal weather block that helps reduce labor costs and time.

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Trim Lock™ - Hip and Ridge Metal

Trim Lock™ Hip & Ridge Metals the only hip and ridge system with interlocking bond with foam adhesive giving it the highest uplift values of any system.

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Ridge Riser® Brackets

Ridge Riser® Brackets use a common 2" x 2" nailer on all tile profiles to reduce lumber costs and eliminate multiple sizes of ridge boards, elevating the ridge tile to enhance ridge ventilation.

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