Westlake Royal™ Roofing Components’ Elevated Batten System® battens can prolong the life of the roof system by increasing drainage and airflow, minimizing penetrations and adding thermal barriers for energy savings.

  • Prolong the life of the entire roof system with this critical component
  • Prevents water damming that can damage the underlayment and roof deck
  • Significantly reduce nail penetrations through waterproofing underlayment
  • Provide effective thermal barrier and ventilation for energy savings
  • Suitable for all tile profiles
  • Reduces labor and installation costs
  • High grade wood with 100% recycled pads to elevate above the roof deck to eliminate water ponding, rotting of the battens, and allow free flow of water and air.
  • Pressure treated option available with lifetime warranty


Cool Roof System Brochure

Installation Guide

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Pressure Treated Battens

Westlake Royal™ Roofing Components also offer Hi-bor® Pressure Treated battens in limited geographic markets. Please contact Westlake Royal™ Roofing Components for details and locations where these products are currently available.

Hi-bor® Pressure Treated Batten SDS

Hi-bor® Pressure Treated Batten Warranty