Westlake Royal Building Solutions Cool Roof System

According to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, an independent testing agency, a family in a typical single-family house with a Westlake Royal Building Solutions Energy Efficient Cool Roof System could save up to 22% per year on heating and cooling costs compared to the standard composition asphalt shingle roof.

The Westlake Royal Building Solutions Energy Efficient Cool Roof Systems elevated batten system allows air to flow under the roof deck, when combined with the products thermal mass and Cool Roof reflectivity, provides one of the most energy efficient roof systems available on the market today.

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CRRC Rated Cool Roof Products

Westlake Royal Building Solutions offers an extensive portfolio of CRRC (Cool Roof rating Council) rated cool roof colors across all of our product lines. Specialized pigments help reflect as much as 53% of the sun’s solar energy compared to 10% for a typical asphalt shingle.

Westlake Royal Building Solutions Cool Roof products also have the ability to give off heat rather than absorb and hold it (thermal emittance), performing better than most products on the market today with Thermal Emittance of up to 86%.

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California Title 24

California Title 24, Part 6 Building Energy Efficiency Standards were established to reduce California’s energy consumption. Cool roofs are important elements of an energy efficient structure, offering significant energy and cost savings. The California Energy Commission is updating the standards effective July 1, 2014, to include new prescriptive cool roof requirements in select zones for low-rise residential steep-slope roofs.

Click on the links below to find detailed information of the Title 24 standards related to cool roofing along with valuable information on how to ensure that your projects meet the standards.

Westlake Royal Building Solutions Title 24 Brochure

CA Title 24 FAQ's

Cool Roof Color Sheet - Clay

Cool Roof Color Sheet - Southern California

Cool Roof Color Sheet - Northern California

Unified Steel Cool Roof System

Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC)

Climate Zone Map