Eric Miller

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

YEARS WITH Westlake Royal Roofing



Eric, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Roofing, has held various leadership roles in the organization over the 27 years he has been with the company, giving Eric a diverse understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each building products division and how they impact one another.

From his beginnings as a General Contractor, Eric’s deep understanding of the building process has given him the foundation to focus on his passion; developing people and building teams to create a culture of collaboration and empowerment. Eric’s belief in continuous, market based improvement through collaboration, education and mentoring has been instrumental in making Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions the market leader in the premium roofing marketplace today.

Fun Facts:

I played football at The University of the Pacific and we were so bad I am sure that is the reason they dropped the program.